More about me...

A few of my favourite things...

(In no particular order… well apart from the order that they are in)…

The comedic genius of Peter Cook, Groucho Marx and Woody Allen.

Baking - I make my own bread, scones and more!

The music of The Smiths, Cake, PUSA, Howard Jones and my personal favourite Afro Celt Sound System to name but a few..

Anything 1980's Retro music, Rubix cubes, Donkey Kong, Pac Man and more...

Travelling (I want to see the world!)

I'm currently writing a book!

I study Japanese, this has been an amazing experience

I love all science fiction including StarTrek (I'm a Trekkie)

I adore Christmas! every aspect of it, I even make my own mince pies

Dunking biscuits is totally fab!

So are Mcdonalds cheeseburgers (Plain)

I enjoy cooking a diverse range of culinary treats including wonderful Italian food

Retro gaming is great fun

Lemmings (The Game) is an excellent example of strategic genius!

I am huge fan of the briliant Umbrella Academy

Etymology and Derivation of Astroduck...

Firstly the name has nothing to do with the 1966 Daffy Duck episode of the same name that I found on YouTube early in 2012, although I would suggest that definitely appears to be the earliest reference to the name. I simply chose the name based on the following three factors:

1.    In 2008, I wrote an article for my previous online blog that included the comment “Here’s hoping that everyone dips a toe in the cosmic duck pond of life’. Which resulted in a rather amusing conversation as to what a Cosmicduck would look like... and whether there would also be "Astroducks".

2.    Simply that I have a passion for Science Fiction and that I once owned a rather vast collection of Rubber ducks (Sadly these have floated off to pastures/ponds new,. as I needed the space)..

3.    I was able to purchase the ".com" and have been using the name in various places online since the winter of 2008.

<2019 update - After 11 years of using this name online or at least in my email address, it's become far more than points 1,2 and 3.... the name and my website has become important to me>


James Gillespie

Last updated - 2023

Why Astroduck?